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Sat. Aug 8th, 2020



Afikpo Politics

Afikpo presently has a new political dispensation consisting of youths and well to do personalities enhancing development. The former L. G. A Chairman, Mr. Obinna, had been working hand in hand with the people of Afikpo (YOUTHS) towards a strategical development. He also wants to reunite the two PDP rival groups (the Agbotis and Idus) into one PDP group, despite the political problems that the two groups had, which took a life (Ikechukwu Eze a.k.a. Skipper) a native of Amaogwugwu Ugwuegu Elu at WTC during the local government election September 17, 2007. Eze was murdered for joining force with Mr. Otuu (Ozontus) to supporting one Mr. Anthony Ekoh for Chairmanship position in Afikpo North. As of 2007, justice has not been done in this case as no one has been punished for the crime, notwithstanding the confession made by the one of the hired killers when found out in the place he was hiding. His confession got the youth annoyed and they went on a rampage and set the house of the name suspected sponsor ablaze..

©Ehugbo Son (Late Ota Urom ibiam)

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